7 Things You Didn't Know About Manchester

Published: 04 Jul 2017
Category: Area Focus

Manchester is a vibrant city enriched in culture, famous for it’s sport, music and of course Coronation Street.


1.       The Rolls Royce originates from the Manchester area. Henry Royce made his first car in a Manchester factory in 1904. In May that same year, the collaboration between him and Charles Rolls was then made and the Rolls Royce was born.


2.       Manchester Airport is in fact the largest airport outside of London. Becoming an international airport in 1972, it offers flights to over 225 destinations across the world which is the most of any UK airport as well as being the third busiest.


3.       Buzzing with culture and diversity, Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe. It has been estimated that four in ten people are able to speak more than one language. Along with the range of languages across the city comes the range of cuisines. It’s well-known ‘Curry Mile’ (nickname for Wilmslow Road in south Manchester) goes hand in hand with the lists of languages it offers, but unfortunately the ‘Curry Mile’ isn’t actually a mile long, it stretches just over half a mile. Disappointing, we know.


4.       There is never a quiet moment in Manchester with nearly 100,000 students attending the Universities in the area. It has the largest student population in the whole of Europe. Other than partying and studying, the students help the city’s revenue massively and also provide a good workforce as many students begin part time jobs.


5.       Who doesn’t enjoy a good shop? Well Manchester’s Arndale Centre is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe and right in the heart of the area. It has around 200 stores with 40 million people shopping there every year.


6.       It is estimated that there is around four million vegetarians in the UK but did you know that over 200 years ago in a small Chapel in Salford, the diet was preached through the town and turning meat free became a phenomenon.  


7.       Marks and Spencer’s is a very well-known and popular store, however did you know that its original store first opened on Stretford Road when Michael Marks and Tom Spencer came together to create the brand. Then in 1901 their first warehouse was built on Derby Street, Manchester.


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