How to Detox Your Desk for a More Productive 2017

Published: 12 Jan 2017
Category: Latest News

Don’t let a messy workspace hold you back from what you want to achieve this year. Protem Apartments, Canary Wharf serviced apartments specialists, bring you the top ways to declutter your desk this January, leaving you free to get down to business.

The start of a new year means getting into better habits and adopting that “can do”, get up and go attitude. But how can you foster this mentality when there are still remnants of Secret Santa gifts and reams of paper chains still scattered about your desk? They say a tidy space cultivates a tidy mind, and we agree – so here are some ways to ensure organisational success by enhancing your desk space in 2017.

Go Paperless

Most correspondence is sent digitally these days, so avoid cluttering up your desk space by reducing what you print, typing up minutes in meetings instead of making notes with a pen and paper first and using your screen a little bit more.


Although it might help to make you feel a little more at home, remove unnecessary trinkets and keepsakes from your desk. If you must add a little personality to your space, get a pin board and print out a select few photographs to get you through the day, leaving your desk clutter free.

Go Wireless

Between computers, phones and chargers, desks can become a maze of wires. Not only is this dangerous, but it looks messy too, so invest in a wireless keyboard and mouse to avoid getting tangled in 2017.

Adopt an In-Tray

Although going paperless is what we should all be aiming for, it would be silly to assume that things like post, contracts and various bits and bobs would stop falling into your hands entirely. Purchase an in-tray for all those waifs and strays to keep your space as clutter-free as possible.

Banish Your Belongings

Avoid hanging your coat and bag off the back of your chair. Instead, find the office coat rack and use it. Not only will it look much neater but it will help you to concentrate better without the contents of your coat pocket or bag from distracting you in quiet moments.

Bin It

Ensure you have a bin nearby so that when something is finished with, it disappears. This will stop you from hoarding rubbish and letting it pile up on your desk.

So there we have it, some failsafe ideas for keeping your desk space (and mind) tidy this year.

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