How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last Past January

Published: 12 Jan 2017
Category: Latest News

Planning on sticking to New Year’s resolutions this year? Good for you. We're here tprovide some tips on how you can make the year of 2017 a successful one.  



We have plenty of guests staying at our Canary Wharf serviced apartments who are filled with good intentions at the start of the year, but those resolutions soon peter out. We each have a little more spring in our step, the fire burns a little brighter in our bellies and we look to the year ahead with optimism and positivity in the first few weeks. Why then, do the resolutions we set – from a healthier diet to reading more books – quickly fall by the wayside?  


Here are our top tips to prevent this from happening in 2017.


1. Don’t take new year, new me too literally

Plenty of us head into a new year with unrealistic expectations. We vow to lose three stone in eight weeks or save £6,000 in a month, which is ridiculous. Make sure your aims are actually attainable – you don’t want to set yourself up for failure before you’ve even started.


2. Split your time 

Not only should you set achievable goals, but you should also make sure you're managing your time wisely and splitting resolutions into reasonable time frames so you can better manage them. Having one focus for a month, or a quarter, will make things seem more achievable and increase your resolution success-rate ten-fold.


3. Go public with your promises 

So many of us write our resolutions down in a diary, to quickly forget about them moments later, or end up neglecting them altogether. If you tell work colleagues, family or friends about your promises, you will feel the added pressure of an audience and will be far more likely to stick to them.


4. Set rewards 

Once you have established the time frame in which you’d like to achieve a certain goal, why not reward yourself once you’ve reached it? Book yourself into a spa, promise to buy yourself a new clothing item or book a weekend away at our serviced apartments in Canary Wharf and treat yourself to some away time – dinner and a show in Soho, anyone?


5. Make it a joint effort 

Find a friend who has the same goals and aims as you and work together to achieve them. Running club? Sure. Book group? Yes, please. Quitting smoking? Seek solace at your GP or local support group. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be a lonely endeavour; moral support is key.


6. Find purpose in your promise

If you are looking to get fit or lose weight, sign up for a public event or get people to sponsor you - not only to spur you on, but to support your chosen charity. There are plenty of half marathons and fun runs in close proximity to our serviced apartments in Canary Wharf that you can get involved in. Find out more about these today 


New Year’s resolutions don’t need to be a drag. It might be cold outside and you might be feeling a little grey in your post-Christmas slump, but these simple rules will ensure resolution success in 2017.