Live the London Lifestyle in a serviced apartment

Published: 02 Mar 2015
Category: Serviced Apartment Information

LondonCity of London

London as a global city

Whilst it is fair to say that London’s economy has been through a transient time during the last decade, the city’s appeal as a global business hub has never diminished, bolstered by the cultural attractions and rich heritage that London has always offered.

Comfort, security, and style in the serviced apartment

Where you live can very much define your time in London, both in terms of the location of where you reside and in terms of the standard of accommodation, and this is where a serviced apartment offers the perfect bridge if you need comfortable, secure, and modern accommodation for short- to medium-stays in the capital.

New ways of working need a new approach

The world of business is changing, and the global economy together with project-based methods of working means that short- to medium-stay business trips are now the norm as opposed to the exception. Our customers consistently express their desire to move away from the transient, often uneconomical mode of hotel stays to a more independent way of living in the city, in which they can have the privacy they need in their own self-contained space.

Cost-effective, functional, and efficient service

A serviced apartment typically means that your apartment, which has your own bedroom, cooking facilities, and shower, will be cleaned weekly, which means no more daily calls at busy moments by maids and cleaners. Hotel services such as the concierge service and portering are largely redundant for many modern business people, who are able to find and access local services with ease using the internet, and so a serviced apartment factors out some of these services which would make up a sizeable part of your hotel bill in many cases.

Privacy for those social moments

Having your own apartment allows you to entertain as you would at home, in a space in which you can entertain colleagues and have friends and family come to stay, and cook and serve drinks for them as you please, without worrying about what time the hotel restaurant closes, or how much the drinks at the hotel bar are charged at.

Couple on heath with Bikes, over looking London

Protem's approach

Protem Apartments uses its founders’ detailed insight into the needs of professionals working in London to select the finest apartments in prime central London locations, from Canary Wharf and the City, to the West End, to London Bridge in the south. With this, we constantly evaluate feedback and conduct research into how to keep the standards of our serviced apartments as high as possible, whilst also horizon-scanning for new properties which would be suitable for our clients.