Serviced Apartments Explained

Published: 23 Jan 2012
Category: Serviced Apartment Information

If you are travelling, be it for business or a holiday, wouldn't it be nice to have an apartment to stay in rather than the restricted space of a hotel room?

This is, in essence what a serviced apartment provides, particularly for extended business trips, relocation and longer holidays.

A serviced apartment includes the essential services of a hotel room (and sometimes more), plus the space and comfort which an apartment offers.

What is provided in a serviced apartment?

When checking in to a serviced apartment, your suitcase need contain no more than it would do if you were staying in a hotel. Your serviced apartment will include bed linen, towels, and a fully equipped kitchen. Bathroom soaps and basic welcome packs (tea, coffee etc) are provided on arrival in most cases. Of course you also have a TV, and broadband should now be standard in any serviced apartment.

How does the cost of a serviced apartment compare to a hotel?

Serviced apartments are typically cheaper than a comparative hotel, particularly if you stay for a week or more. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, operating costs of serviced apartment are a fraction of those in a hotel. Amongst other things, there is no bar or restaurant to service, and housekeeping and maintenance are less intensive (as guests stay longer), reducing the running costs.

Also serviced apartments usually have a longer average length of stay than a hotel. This means that void periods are less volatile, and more consistent.

What are the additional costs when staying in a serviced apartment?

The vast majority of serviced apartments include the same standard services in the price you pay. These services include internet access (in the majority of apartments), weekly housekeeping, 24 hour emergency call service, as well a all of the items provided in the apartment as listed above. Utility costs and rates are also included within the cost.

The only additional costs you will be responsible for will be any telephone calls which you make from the apartment, and any damage which has been done to the apartment during your stay. Credit card details are usually held against such costs, and sometimes monetary deposits are held.

How do you book a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment can be booked very easily. To confirm a booking, written confirmation is required, and payment is made at the time of booking, with bookings longer than 1 month usually billed monthly (varies by apartment provider). There are no complex agreements to read, sign or be bound by, no administration costs, and no large deposits to be held. It really is that simple.

How do you check in?

Check in procedures vary from property to property. Some apartments have 24 hour concierge, some have day time concierge, and some companies meet and greet their Guests where there is no reception within the building. Check in arrangements are explained in detail as part of your booking confirmation

What if I have a problem whilst I am staying in a serviced apartment?

When you check in to a serviced apartment, you will have been given contact details for the operating company. During working hours, customer service departments can be contacted to report maintenance issues and to ask general questions. Emergency contact details are also provided should you need to contact someone urgently outside of office hours.

How can we help you?

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