Can Serviced Apartment Rates be Negotiated?

Published: 20 Jul 2016
Category: Understanding Serviced Apartments

I Have a Serviced Apartment Quote - Can I Negotiate the Rate?

Please ask us if the original quote exceeds your budget!!!

Yes, sometimes it is possible to negotiate rates that we have quoted you for your Serviced Apartment.  It cannot be guaranteed by any means, but if you have a strict budget for your accommodation, then it is always worth asking the questions, and the worse that can happen is that the answer will be no!

Because Serviced Apartments offer such a vast range of booking lengths (typically 3 nights to 1 year or more), most enquiries and requests will be taken and assessed on their own merit, and slightly reduced rates may be available.  The longer you are staying, the more room for negotiation there might be.  Supply and demand at the time of booking will also have an affect.

You may also get lucky with a short booking, if the dates you require fill a void where the operator may risk no revenue at all.  The better the dates fill in the void, the more negotiable the rate might be.  If there is a natural gap for 7 nights, and those are the nights that you wish to stay, you may be in luck.  

Serviced Apartment operators do however set and manage rates, with a view to pricing to reduce void periods as much as possible, so the headline rate you see for those nights, may well already be discounted.

In short, if the quote you have received is above your initial budget, do always let us know what that budget is, and we will do what we can to find a solution that fits your budget.

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