Early Check Ins

Published: 13 Jul 2016
Category: Understanding Serviced Apartments

Just like hotels, Serviced Apartments are turning rooms around, with a guest departure, and an arrival, on the same day.  However, there are a few challenges which make back to back bookings more difficult for apartment operators.

Firstly, our guests tend to stay longer than a typical hotel stay.  Our guests can typically be with us for weeks or months at a time, meaning there is more cleaning to do.

Secondly, apartments are of course larger than your typical hotel room. Again, this means more cleaning.

Thirdly, the majority of Serviced Apartment locations do not have a permanent operational presence at each apartment location.  At a hotel, all your housekeepers, operational personnel, linen and supplies, are under one roof. Serviced Apartment operational teams are highly mobile, visiting each location being serviced on a daily basis, and contending with the inevitable traffic.

The industry has of course geared itself up to meet this challenge, and management, cleaning, and operational teams now have great systems to enable the guest arrival experience to be as seamless as it possibly can be.

Check out times are between 10am and 11am, and check in times are between 2pm and 4pm, depending on the particular apartment that has been booked.  The hours between check out and check in are of course used, to clean and prepare the apartment for the incoming guest.

Guarantee an Early Check In

If you do need to guarantee an earlier check in than the apartments typically allow, the best thing to do is to book the apartment from the night before you arrive, meaning you can access the apartment as soon as you arrive on the day, with no delay, and in the knowledge that everything will be in its place.

So, please do not think that we are being awkward by being strict with our check in times, we simply require the time to ensure that all cleaning has been done properly, and any minor maintenance issues have been seen to before you arrive.