With the ever-present risk of coronavirus transmission, we have a duty to our guests and clients to issue guidance on the steps we have taken, in order, to minimize the risk of spread and infection.  The guidance is set within the context of our relationship with you, and the interaction that our staff and contractors have with yourselves, and your apartments on a regular basis.

We have identified the following areas of risk, in relation to possible spread of the virus, that our guests, clients, staff and contractors may be exposed to in the context of our operation:

  • Meet and Greet check ins
  • Office environment, staff, contractors and other visitors to apartments
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Guest infection and isolation

Meet and Greet Procedure

  • Staff will be required to wear a face covering and gloves when meeting clients at check in
  • Keys given to guests will have been disinfected
  • COVID-19 cleaning procedures will have been followed
  • Apartments will be left unoccupied for a period of at least 72 hours prior to the time of check in as an additional precautionary measure

Office Environment, Staff, Contractors and Other Visitors to Apartments

  • Staff will be working from home where possible
  • Office cleaned and sanitized regularly
  • PPE (gloves and masks) and hand sanitizer will be available to all staff
  • Staff, contractors and any other visitors, must wear PPE when entering occupied apartments and maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from guests when inside the apartment
  • Will follow government guidance on isolation in the event of symptoms showing

Weekly Cleaning

  • Guests have the option to opt out of weekly cleaning services.  Where a guest opts out, we will leave two full sets of linen and towels for the guest to launder and rotate themselves
  • Cleaners will wear face coverings and gloves at all times
  • If guests are able to vacate the apartment whilst cleaning is being undertaken, this would be preferable
  • A one hour time slot on a specified day of the week, will be given to each guest for the weekly clean, and will remain the same day and time for the duration of the stay
  • If the guest remains at home during the weekly clean, please stay at least one meter from cleaning staff, ideally in a different room to that which they are working in

Guest Infection and Isolation

  • Please let us know immediately if you have tested positive, or have symptoms, and are self-isolating in accordance with the current Government guidelines.  Please advise us of the start date of your isolation period at call us on 02075312300.  We will not send anyone in to your apartment during your isolation period, unless it is an emergency, such as no hot water.  Minor issues will need to wait until the isolation period has ended.
  • We would ask you to continue to practice best hygiene, per government at WHO guidelines, including washing of hands when you leave, and return to the apartment. A summary of the latest government guidelines is attached to this notice.


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